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Don't see it in the Site Collection Features...

Hello, I tried to install this package on SP2010 Server French Version 14.0.7015.1000. The installtion succeed without any error. I can see Central Admin>Manage Solution that : dev4side.sp2010.fil...

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field doesn't show to be selected

I have installed the wmp file, but the filtered look up option doesn't show as being available. I am using sharepoint 2010 foundation. I need to have a field in the parent list which looks up dat...

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Filtered Lookup 2013 get infromation form selection not posible

after installing filtered lookup via PowerShell and deploying it into SharePoint. it is imposible to select Specify detailed options for the filtered lookup column Get Information from this site...

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Filtered Lookup is not working in Sharepoint 2013

Hi, Filtered Lookup is just working fine in Sharepoint 2010. but if i convert this to Sharepoint 2013. The lookup filed value is showing like raw data instead of showing as hyperlink. Please refer...

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Required field validation is not working

When I saved data on filtered lookup field but null or empty value still accepting

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Site template containing field taken with data included throws error "Value does not fall in expected range"

when list/library contains values for this field column and site template is taken with data included where this list resides, The wsp site template is created succesfully but while creating new si...

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Check if field Required not implemented

Hello, thanks for project.   Required field cheking not implemented. We add this code to MultipleFilteredLookupFieldControl.cs:   public override void Validate() { if (ControlMode == SPControlM...

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List not showing current item

Hi,   We have a list with user data (name, email, etc) and we have a list with accounts data (user account and password)   In the user list you can select a user account to match a user with the lo...

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SP 2010 :: Only Site Collection Admins can Add/Edit

There is an issue that only a site collection admin can utilize the field type. This is problematic for more controlled environments.

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Querying Semi Large Items

Hi. This filtered lookup field has issue on querying semi large items. I got a list of only 4800 and its giving me a timeout error as indicated in the logs. I managed to resolve my issue today by f...

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