Cross site collection / Cross Web App

Jul 7, 2011 at 6:59 PM


First thank you for this wonderful solution and beautifull code.

I have a question.

My list is in another web app and i'm tring to add a Web app selector to the configuration panel but i getting a exception when i update the _f.LookuWebId in FilteredLookupFieldEditor.CS.

I think it is not possible to set  _f.LookuWebId = SPWeb.ID from another site collection.  I can create my own properties "CustomWebID" but how the listviewwebpart and NewForm,EditForm,DispForm will render the data ?

Anyone have a clue about that ?


Aug 9, 2011 at 1:56 PM

To get data from another site collection or another web application, you have to implement another custom field. This is because the filtered lookup field inherit from SPFileldLookup and this classe could only work if the lookup list is in the same site collection.
You have to inherit from SPField directly, insert a DropDownList into your custom render field and retrieve list data from another web app or site collection using SharePoint Object Model.


Mar 21, 2014 at 9:18 AM

How do I add a dropdown list into the look-up field. I am trying to link dynamically two separate lists from two different site collections. (They need to be separate due to internal politics!).

Site 1 - Quality (list needed to be used Inspection, which is linked to two other lists in this site collection)
Site 2 - Engineering (List needed to be used engineering workload as engineering will be doing actions which are generated as a result of data from inspection)

I need to dynamically link the inspection and engineering sites which sit on different site collections. Actions from inspection will result in a new item being created in the engineering workload (We can do this manually), but the resulting decisions need to be shown in the inspection item as we need this for traceability and also to trigger workloads within the sites.

We can of course continue to do everything manually, but it takes in the region of 20 minutes each time, and seeing as we need 3 of 4 a week, this impacts on the efficiency and costs of the department. I really need something to look and work across two site collections, I am not a programmer and don't use InfoPath and also only have SharePoint 2010 foundation.

Is this possible?